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Together with their families, Abbi and Jonathan Cordially invite you their Baby Shower & Wedding Celebration. Our Wedding, Baby Shower & Reception will be held at a working Ranch in the Indoor Arena. It is dusty, rustic! Dress Accordingly.

DATE:  Saturday, September 18, 2021
TIME:  3:00pm

WHERE: Lazy HK Bar Rodeo Co - Ranch @ 365 Schoen Road, Silver Creek, WA

DIRECTIONS: Click Here for Google Maps

BBQ & ENTERTAINMENT follow the Ceremony

Lazy HK Bar Rodeo Co

Raising bucking bulls in the Northwest for 50 years. Stock contractor in the NPRA, Pro-West. Providing Winter Series Bullriding Events at our ranch. Bucking bred cattle for sale at all times.

The Lazy HK Bar Rodeo Company was founded in Lake Chelan by Harlan Knowles in 1969. In the early 1990's when Harlan met Christine Redell, they formed not only a partnership out of love for each other, but for the rodeo business as well. With the addition of Christine, the Bar was added to the Lazy HK brand, making it the incredible union that still exists today as the Lazy HK Bar Rodeo Company.

Their passion for breeding and raising bucking bulls over a 50 year span is now shared with their grandson, Beau Shelton. Breeding generations of athletically and genetically superior bucking bulls is the life work of this team.

The Lazy HK Bar Ranch, located in Silver Creek, has always been a place for wayward cowboys, always an open door, always a hot meal.


365 Schoen Road
Silver Creek, WA

LOCAL: 360-967-2337